A Self Priming Centrifugal Pump Is Used To Pump Water At 25 C From A Reservoir Whose 3202018

Question 3
A self-priming centrifugal pump is used to pump water at 25°C from a reservoir whose surface is 2.2 m below the centreline of the pump inlet (Figure 2). The pipe is PVC pipe with an internal diameter of 24 mm and negligible average inner roughness height. The pipe length from the submerged pipe inlet to the pump inlet is 2.8 m. There are only two minor losses in the piping system from the pipe inlet to the pump inlet: a sharp-edged re-entrant inlet (KL= 0.85), and a flanged smooth regular elbow (0.3). The pump’s required net positive suction head is provided by the manufacturer as a curve fit: NPSHreq = 2.2 m + [0.0013 m / (Lpm)2]V 2 where volume flow rate is in Lpm. Estimate the maximum volume flow rate (in units of L•m) that can be purr,Nedyvithout cavitation.
Question 3
A vented tanker is to be filled with fuel oil with a density of 920 kg / m3 and a viscosity of