Jerry Opens A Delicatessen Specialising In Selling Sandwiches And Rolls To Health Co 3103677

Jerry opens a delicatessen specialising in selling sandwiches and rolls to health-conscious university students. He signs a one-year contract with Vogel Breads to supply him with bread made from organic wheat. On 1 April 2016, an outbreak of a virus ruins much of the organic wheat crop. Supplies cannot resume for a month. Jerry tries to find another supplier but is unable to do so. As a result, Jerry has to close the business for the month, losing $25,000 in profit. He is also unable to fulfil a contract to supply the bread at a national scout jamboree that coincidentally is scheduled for that week. Jerry loses $120,000 on that contract. Jerry wishes to terminate the contract with Vogel Breads and sue for damages. Please (a) advise the parties whether Vogel has committed a breach of the contract allowing Jerry to terminate and sue for damages and (b) assuming there is a breach what damages would Jerry be entitled to?

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