Assessment 1 Online Testing Exercise Amp Reflective Essay This Assessment Is For The 763851

Assessment 1: Online Testing Exercise & Reflective Essay

This assessment is for these students only: Coffs Harbour; Distance Education.

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durationDueProfessional accreditationOnline Testing Exercise & Reflective EssayIndividual3, 4, 5, 6GradedN/A20%750 words20 Mar 2015 5:00 PMN/A

This assignment has several components:

  1. Register for and complete the online battery of 14 cognitive tests at: (5%)

  1. Look at the graphs that describe your results and note how you performed relative to the norms on the site. Do NOT describe in detail what the score values were. This is a reflection exercise regarding your thinking and emotional reactions before, during and after the testing.
  2. Write a brief interpretation of your scores relative to your expectations. (4%)
  3. Describe the thoughts and feelings you experienced before, during and after the testing experience. (6%)
  4. Describe briefly what psychometric and ethical concerns there may be about this testing approach. (5%)