Critical Analysis On Trends On Social Issue Youth Homelessness 2819525

In this report, you will describe, explore and critically analyse trends in ONE chosen social issue of significance for young people and youth policy.
You will then propose how to incorporate these findings into work with young people.
Select any ONE issue from the list below that interests you. You can pick something that relates to your current area of interest. You can also narrow these topics further.
For example, you might like to focus in on any of these issues as they relate to young people from Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island backgrounds, or young people living in rural and regional Australia.
1. Young parents 2. Mental health issues for young people 3. Child protection issues for young people 4. Youth unemployment 5. Youth employment 6. Young people living with disability 7. Unaccompanied refugee minors 8. Youth homelessness 9. Criminal behaviour amongst young people 10. Educational attainment for young people
Write a report that describes the social issue, and how it has changed over time – i.e. trends