International Political Economy Fa 16 Professor Poirot Final Exam Due By High Noon D 3076646

International Political Economy, Fa-16, Professor Poirot: Final Exam. Due by high noon, December 16.

Write a 5 page essay (12 point type, Times New Roman, double spaced or the equivalent) on each of the following questions.


  1. Provide an overview of the current global agreement surrounding the Production and Technology Structures. In doing so, focus on the key organizations and the international legal principles which they embody. Your essay should explain both what they do and do not address. Explain how Liberalism has been the dominant theory guiding the creation of these organizations and rules. What challenges exist that could undermine this direction in the Global Political Economy? Given this, what are the prospects for a truly Liberal global order?


  1. The cold war and how it affected the world its global economy, political structure in relation to the evolving security structure of the global political economy. Compare and contrast Liberal, Realist and Structuralist perspectives on your chosen topic. Your answer should address the interrelationship between political, economic and social factors as well as the different levels of analysis poste cold war.

Different levels of analysis are: