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Assessment 4 Bus707 Applied Business Research T1 2018 Assessment 4 Research Proposal 2764878

ASSESSMENT 4 BUS707–AppliedBusiness Research T1 2018 ASSESSMENT 4: Research Proposal – 50% Thisassessmentisdesignedtoallowstudentstopresentandjustifyappropriatemethod(s) for a research project designed to address the research questionposed. This assessment relates to Learning Outcomes a, b andd. There are two components of theassessment: · Writtenproposal: 40% · Oralpresentation: 10% Basedon the Research Question developed in Assessment 2, students should develop […]

Identify And Distinguish Between Tests Of Controls Substantive Tests Of Transactions 3097921

Students are required to:1.1- Identify and distinguish between tests of controls, substantive tests of transactionsand substantive tests of balances.1.2- Identify and understand when the auditor will undertake substantive auditprocedures in response to specific assessed risks of material misstatement.1.3- Understand how assertions relate to account balances1.4- Understand how to select the most efficient and effective combination […]