Case Report On The Uninsured Population

Create a case report about patient’s poor or lack of health compliance due to lack or no  health coverage. Case report should be consistent with a area  nursing practice. (1000-1500 words)

  1. Introduction lack or poor of health compliance by the uninsured population
  2. Brief literature review
  3. Description of the lack or poor of compliance explained from a theoretical perspective
  4. Synthesis of literature findings
  5. Summary of the case
  6. Identification of gaps or inefficiencies in the research and a proposal for evidence-based solutions to remedy each
  7. Evaluation of the selected research instrument used and an explanation of the rationale or empirical evidence to support its selection
  8. Explanation of how this case report advocates for social justice, equity, and ethical health care policies for uninsured populations.
  9. Conclusion

Use nursing journal and write APA with citation (preferbaly with internet access)

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