Choosing a community partner for community outreach project

Choosing a community partner for community outreach project

you will need to explain why your list of assets are well suited to your community nursing plan?
1. Your community nursing plan is to reduce morbidity and mortality related to cardiovascular disease by expanding a smoking cessation program.
2. Your assets are the local hospital, local schools and churches, and, and the American Heart Association. How can these partners help your cause? ie. provide space, provide flyers, provide nicotine patches, etc. use peer reviewed nursing journals to support your plan and your use of resources. These journals cannot be older than 2012! no references from 2011, or older are acceptable.
3. state from which partner you will receive what asset. ie., space from schools/churchesl, flyers from American Heart Association, perhaps nicotine patches from hospital or other institutions.
4. Write a script to pitch to potential partners supporting your cause. Use scientific journals to strengthen your position. This script will be the bulk of the paper. You will use the topics in items 1 – 3 to construct your script. Script must present problem “cardiovascular disease” goal – to impact heart disease by reducing the high rate of smoking in the community. Plan – Teaching in schools and churches, to prevent new smokers. Distributing nicotine patches to current smokers and literature for smoking cessation.
The introduction to this paper is a brief description of the community Mott-Haven, Bronx New York, where there is a high level of heart disease and cigarette smoking. This introduction should be brief.


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