Decision-Making in Nursing Leadership

Decision-Making in Nursing Leadership

Nursing leadership requires critical thinking and high cognitive ability as one has to make decisions regarding patient care, nurses’ welfare, and team development. Nurse leaders make decisions regarding nursing practice, evidence-based practice, and points of advocacy in my organization.

While nurse leaders focus on ensuring nurses perform per the organization’s expectations, they also advocate for nurses’ and patients’ welfare. For instance, nurse leaders had to advocate for nurses’ safety, especially as they handle COVID-19 patients, ensuring they get the necessary personal protective equipment (Majers & Warshawsky, 2020). Ensuring nurses have adequate personal protective equipment further guarantees patients’ safety and improves the quality of care as there is no transmission of the virus from one patient to another.

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Nurse leadership focuses on issues affecting nurses, patients, and the healthcare organization. As a result, effective leadership among nurse leaders secures their decision-making on healthcare setting issues (Sfantou et al., 2017). Effective leaders identify problems in their space, gather views on how these problems can be solved, and communicate the recommendations with nurses and organizational leaders. As a nurse leader, I can be invited to the table and be an active participant in decision-making by demonstrating effective leadership and being proactive in finding amicable solutions to arising issues.

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