ESE370: Learning & The Brain Week 1 Quiz



ESE370: Learning & the Brain week 1 quiz

Question 1.1. A low level of stress hormone cortisol during a learning session has no effect on learning. (Points : 1)

[removed] True
[removed] False


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Question 2.2. Researchers have discovered that mineral, glucose, and hormone levels can vary as much as _______. (Points : 1)

[removed] 1000 % during the morning
[removed] 500 % during the morning
[removed] 1000 % in a given day
[removed] 500 % in a given day


Question 3.3. The right side of the brain processes “parts,” language, and it does so sequentially. The left side of the brain processes “wholes,” spatial information, and it does so randomly. (Points : 1)

[removed] True
[removed] False


Question 4.4. The brain has been compared to the following: (Points : 1)

[removed] interstate freeway system, exercising, a theatre production
[removed] hydraulic system, a massive city, a high-powered computer
[removed] air traffic control, car operation, running a household
[removed] all of the above


Question 5.5. Adults have more than half the number of neurons found in the brain of a two year old. (Points : 1)

[removed] True
[removed] False


Question 6.6. At birth, we have as many as one hundred thousand billion glial cells. (Points : 1)

[removed] True
[removed] False


Question 7.7. Our brains consistently run on ________ learning cycles. (Points : 1)

[removed] Two; a high to low energy cycle: relaxation to tension cycle
[removed] Four; a high to low energy cycle: to tension to relaxation cycle
[removed] Four; a low to high-energy cycle; tension to relaxation cycle
[removed] Two; a low to high-energy cycle: relaxation to tension cycle


Question 8.8. Trillions of bits of information are stored in chained protein molecules called _____________, which circulate throughout _________________ transmitting knowledge to available receptor sites on each and every cell in the _______________. (Points : 1)

[removed] dendrites, the brain, the body (all over)
[removed] neurons, the body, the brain
[removed] peptides, the brain (and body), body
[removed] glial cells, the brain (and body), the brain


Question 9.9. All humans learn best at the same time of the day and teachers should be aware of these times. (Points : 1)

[removed] True
[removed] False


Question 10.10. Neurons is Greek for: (Points : 1)

[removed] synapses
[removed] neutral
[removed] sinew
[removed] system


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