Major Symptoms/Characteristics

Disorders Worksheet


For each disorder, identify the major symptoms and characteristics. Feel free to refer to your readings and course materials.

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Anxiety Disorders Major Symptoms/Characteristics    
Generalized Anxiety Disorder  
Specific Phobia  
Social Phobia  
Panic Disorder   
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder   




Mood  Disorders Major Symptoms/Characteristics    
Major Depression  
Bipolar Disorder  




Schizophrenia Major Symptoms/Characteristics    
Paranoid Schizophrenia   
Disorganized Schizophrenia   
Catatonic Schizophrenia   




Other Disorders Major Symptoms/Characteristics    
Personality Disorders   
Antisocial Personality Disorder   
Dissociative Disorders  
Dissociative Identity Disorder   
Borderline Personality Disorder  




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