Module 12 Written Assignment

  1. Due DateMonday, April 30, 20181:00 AMPoints Possible10
  2. Write a 2 page paper on the following:
    Client A has been diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia, and has been ill with the disorder for the past 10 years. He takes medication very sporadically, but is markedly improved when he does. He commits a murder while off the medication in response to command hallucinations that tell him to kill a particular person. He states he wants the death penalty during the entire trial. He is put in prison, on death row, but is also put back on the neurolepticmedication. After 3 months on the medication, he is no longer hallucinating, and has no other positive symptoms of schizophrenia. He states he does not want to die and is very sorry for the murder. Should he be put to death? Why or why not? Justify your response with information from the text book chapter, readings, the Internet Assignment, and/or any other professional references.

    Please use APA style for your cover page, citing references and formatting the reference page. DO NOT include font text larger than 12 or font color other than black.

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