The Impact of Technology on patient care

The Impact of Technology on patient care

Synthesis Paper
Choose one topic discussed in this course. Examples of topics include but not limited to:
Interprofessional healthcare teams
Strategies to facilitate change in a healthcare organization
Impact of technology on patient care
Clinical decision support systems
Confidentiality and information system security
Ethical concerns for professional nurses
Workplace violence
Please refer to Synthesis Paper grading rubric located attached I the other file. The paper should be written in APA format using a cover page, three to five pages of content and a reference page.
To achieve expert on the grading criteria three or more references must be utilized.
The synthesis paper should include:
1. Identification of a topic of interest to you
2. Overview of the topic-background
3. Why you selected this topic
4. Describe how this topic will impact student(s) as they transition into professional practice
B. Relevance of the topic on the following:
1. Nursing leadership
2. Healthcare Organizations
3. Patient Safety

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C. Challenges: Discuss three challenges that nursing leaders
Face related to your topic
D. Summary
E. Scholarly Presentation
F.APA Style Citations/References


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