What have been your prior experience(s) in journal club participation?


i need 2-3 paragraphs:


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After reading the article selected and applying the Qualitative CASP tool, use the following questions to guide your participation in the discussion forum:

  • What have been your prior experience(s) in journal club participation?  If you have had previous exposure, what was your overall impression of the utility of journal clubs for nurses?
  • What were significant differences you found in this qualitative approach versus a quantitative approach?
  • If you had to identify a preference, do you think you lean more toward a qualitative or quantitative approach to research?(FYI: “approach” is a deliberate choice of words; the word method is not interchangeable. Method speaks to specific blueprint of a study whether a quantitative or qualitative approach)
  • What are your thoughts regarding the implementation of the CASP tool? Have you used the CASP previously?
  • Article specific questions: (article that you used to complete the CASP tool)
    • What are your initial thoughts on specific topics found in the selected qualitative study?
    • What were the strengths & weaknesses of this study? If you could make changes or modifications of the study, what might they consist of in making research revisions?
    • How do the results relate to current practice and how might they influence future practice in your nursing work environment?
    • Do you envision these study results changing the landscape of clinical practice or redirecting research in this field? If so, how?.
    • Articulate your  thoughts regarding the rigor and credibility of this qualitative study

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