. What is your personality like?

Your Assignment

Read pages 395-396 in your text. What is your personality like? Are you introverted or extroverted? Do you worry a lot, or are you relaxed? Are you talkative or quiet? These are just a few of the questions addressed in the Five Factor Model of Personality.


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For this week’s Journal entry, answer questions about your personality. Be sure to include factual, properly cited information in your post.

Use these five categories to describe the traits of your personality. Please address all five of the dimensions listed in Figure 12.8 on page 395 (and below). If you would like to take a personality test, visit the following website. Be sure to select the “Short Version!”

To visit the website click here>>Personality Test Center


1. Neuroticism 4. Agreeableness
Calm Worrying Irritable Good-natured
At-ease Nervous Ruthless Soft-hearted
Relaxed High-strung Selfish Selfless
Secure Insecure Callous Sympathetic
Comfortable Self-conscious Vengeful Forgiving
2. Extraversion 5. Conscientious
Retiring Sociable Negligent Conscientious
Sober Fun-loving Careless Careful
Reserved Affectionate Undependable Reliable
Quiet Talkative Lazy Hardworking
Loner Joiner Disorganized Well organized
3. Openness
Conventional Original
Down-to-earth Imaginative
Uncreative Creative
Narrow interests Broad interests




1. Write at least 200 words about this topic.  Post your word count at the end of your journal.

2. Make sure to cite a source in your journal using APA style. The source may be your text or any other source you research.

3. Submit your journal using the Journal 3 link.

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